LR 2600

The Oasis Leisure Room 2600 is our most popular room and is built and conditioned to be used year round. The 2600 room features the best insulated glass package with 7/8″ insulated tempered and Cardinal LoE3 366 glass with argon gas. LR2600 features all welded vinyl sliding windows with both sashing sliding on heavy duty brass rollers. All windows have full fiberglass screens and sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning. LR2600 models are available in Cathedral, Studio, and under existing roof styles. Also available in 3 colors: white, beige, or clay. Both sliding and swing doors are also available.

The Oasis Leisure Room 2600® Vinyl Sunroom features lift-out sliding windows. With 7/8” IG combined with our LoE3 and argon gas, the Leisure Room 2600® can be used year round in any climate. Leisure Room 2600® features vinyl sliding windows (both units slide on brass rollers) and full fiberglass screens. Sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning.

The Oasis Leisure Room 2600® was awarded one of the 100 Best New Products for 2008 by Professional Builder Magazine.


Oasis® vinyl sunrooms feature solid virgin vinyl (PVC) as the main visible component. Solid virgin vinyl has many advantages over aluminum. Vinyl is clear color throughout, a non-conductor of electricity that will not rot, chip or corrode. Oasis® vinyl glass rooms incorporate fusion welded vinyl windows (sash and mainframe) in the unique vinyl wall system. Aluminum windows are typically fastened together, while Oasis® vinyl windows utilize welded corners eliminating the opportunity for the elements to enter inside the patio room. Vinyl, naturally an insulator, allows homeowners to extend their patio room’s season because vinyl has much less heat loss than other building materials.


Clear color throughout Normally 1 mill paint finish
Never needs painting Will need to paint
Scratch Resistant Paint can scratch off
Impact Resistant Will show dents
Warm to the touch Cold to the touch


  • Seasonal to year round enjoyment
  • Meets high wind load requirements
  • Tempered single glass standard with single solex green or insulated LoĒ³ available
  • Positive cam-action locks
  • Optional UL Classified Electric Raceway
  • Non-exposed fasteners
  • Protected by six (6) US and Canadian patents
  • Optional vinyl swing door
  • Full fiberglass screens
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Lifetime glass breakage
  • Cathedral or studio models
  • Available white, beige or clay

Oasis Sunroom Glass Packages:

All Oasis Leisure Room series include tempered glass only. Tempered glass is virtually unbreakable and can withstand the hit of a baseball or other objects. If tempered glass ever did break, it becomes harmless shards that are not sharp and can easily be cleaned up.

All of our rooms are available in either Cardinal LoE3 366 insulated tempered glass or single tempered glass. The LR2000 is only available in single glass.

LoĒ³ Glass Tempered

LoĒ³ (low E cubed) glass tempered , manufactured by Cardinal® IG, is a superior insulated glass by reducing the loss of radiant heat in the winter (the heat from your furnace) and reducing heat and damaging ultraviolet rays entering into your Oasis® sunroom during the summer. LoĒ³ is actually three layers of silver in a multilayered film which includes other chemicals such as titanium dioxide and nickel. LoĒ³ is used in insulated glass which is filled with argon gas for more energy efficiency.

In warm seasons, LoĒ³ keeps much of the heat out of the patio enclosure and reduces dramatically the fading damage from ultraviolet rays (up to 95%). In cool or cold seasons, LoĒ³ keeps the heat in and the cold outside where it belongs. LoĒ³ uses an XL spacer system. Warm edge characteristics of XL Edge reduce the frequency and amount of condensation during the most extreme temperature conditions.

LoĒ³ is available on all patio rooms manufactured by Joyce™.

For more information on LoĒ³click here for Cardinal® IG web site.

Single Clear Tempered Glass

Single clear is 1/8” clear tempered glass.



TCA-Guard® is a natural applied mineral substance that is added to ALL of our foam products to protect and prevent wood boring insects (i.e. carpenter ants and termites) from damaging your Oasis® sunroom. TCA-Guard® is safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and standard in ALL Oasis® sunrooms.
Insul-deck™ panels are a strong, easy to assemble, economical, insulated patio enclosure floor. The insulated deck system has exceptional R-values using structural panels composed of EPS foam with TCA-Guard® protection sandwiched between OSB panels. The panels are available in many lengths in 6” or 4” depth and 2’ or 4’ wide panels. The underside can be protected with painted aluminum skin for moisture/vapor resistance.
Insul-Deck™ Panels for insulated
deck flooring with TCA-Guard®
Electrical Raceway Channels
Oasis® vinyl sunrooms also have the option of an electrical raceway system that is an approved product by UL. This product is UL Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) to NEC, 2002 edition.UL is not affiliated with Joyce Manufacturing Co. and does not endorse the web site.
Optional race channels conceal
electric, cable, telephone and
sound system lines.
Korad® is a very durable polymer covering the vinyl wall panels which provide the benefits of scratch free, impact resistant and virtually non-fading protection.
KORAD® insulated wall system with fade and TCA-Gaurd® protection.
Vinyl Skylights
Maintenance free skylights in matching vinyl are available in fixed or operating styles. Both styles are standard tempered LoĒ² glass.
Vinyl Swing Door
Joyce™ manufactures a strong, yet elegant vinyl swing door standard with bright brass lockset and deadbolt featuring tempered LoĒ³ glass.


Joyce Mfg. Co. has been in business since 1955. We live by our tag line of “Building Our Reputation, One Room at a Time®”. This is important as a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

Leisure Rooms 4000, 3600, 2600 and 2000® (Vinyl rooms)

All Leisure Rooms® carry a lifetime limited transferable warranty on everything we manufacture. Vinyl, the main component, is warranted not to crack, corrode, rot, rust, peel or blister for as long as you own your home. Our glass (all tempered) is warranted not to break as long as you own your home. All components and insulated glass seals are warranted for a lifetime and transferable. See actual warranty for details. The warranty is also transferable. See the actual warranty for details.