A one of-a-kind Roof Style!

Discover new dimensions in architectural design with our unique roof options!

Whether you’re captivated by stunning views and opt for a two-story sunroom or prefer the chic California split style with its modern gable look, the possibilities are boundless. Drawing on decades of expertise, Joyce specializes in crafting bespoke architectural sunrooms that go beyond interior aesthetics. These sunrooms become a captivating external addition, seamlessly complementing your home.

A two-story sunroom offers exceptional views, while a tall, side-sloping roof invites admiration from onlookers and accolades from friends and family. The California split roof style not only bathes the space in sunlight but also adds an exceptionally stylish touch. A split-level roof design maximizes sunlight and elevates both the sunroom and your home to new heights of style and functionality. Count on Joyce for unmatched roof designs tailored to your unique style and budget. If you’re seeking an extraordinary look, a one-of-a-kind Joyce Architectural Sunroom could be the perfect fit!”


Our most premium wall series featuring casement operating windows, multiple door choices, and an unmatched design pressure rating for coastal applications.

Our most versatile wall series featuring all patio doors in an array of door sizes, colors, and wall options designed for year round usage, full ventilation, and panoramic views.
Our most popular wall series due to its wide views with slider windows, full selection of color, door, or wall options, plus seasonal to year round usage.

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