Enhance Your Existing Retreat!

Transform your current porch, patio, or covered area into a delightful sunroom with our under existing roof applications. This popular option revitalizes an underused space in your home by installing sunroom walls beneath your existing roof. Now, you can relish in the charm of your space more frequently, regardless of the weather, all year round.

An under existing roof sunroom provides the ideal remedy for those outdoor areas that are not reaching their full potential. Revel in the sights and sounds of the outdoors while maintaining a barrier against bugs, dust, pollen, yard debris, rain, and snow. Trade fallen leaves for a gentle breeze and rediscover your space, enjoying it as it was meant to be experienced!


The Joyce Oasis® 2600CA provides incredible style with unmatched performance that you can enjoy in all four seasons!

The Joyce Oasis® 2600PD is built strong to be used all year long so you can enjoy it 365 days a year!

The Joyce Oasis® 2600SL is our most customizable collection and lets you enjoy the outdoors up to all four seasons!

Additional Styles

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