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Discover the sophistication of our studio sunrooms – a perfect blend of simplicity and versatility. Featuring a single, sloped roof, Joyce studio sunrooms offer an elegant design that seamlessly complements the architecture of most homes. The clean roofline effortlessly extends your existing roof, making it a natural and classic addition to your living space.

Ideal for spaces where a gable sunroom might not fit, studio sunrooms shine in inside corners of your home. Their single slope roof not only adds to their charm but also makes them an economical choice.

While studio sunrooms boast simplicity, they flood your space with abundant natural light, creating an atmosphere of happiness and fulfillment. Whether you use it as additional living space, a home gym, office, spa room, or for entertaining, your Joyce studio sunroom is designed to bring a lifetime of enjoyment, value, and beauty to your home and your life.


The Joyce Oasis® 2600CA provides incredible style with unmatched performance that you can enjoy in all four seasons!

The Joyce Oasis® 2600PD is built strong to be used all year long so you can enjoy it 365 days a year!

The Joyce Oasis®2600SL is our most customizable collection and lets you enjoy the outdoors up to all four seasons!

Additional Styles

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