Extraordinary Craftsmanship and Performance

Not all windows are created equal. Joyce Trinity Collection combines top quality with the right price, and has the features homeowners want: fusion-welded frames and sashes, insulated glass, and fully weather-stripped sashes. Trinity Collection windows are sure to reduce drafts, quiet outside noise, and maintain interior temperatures.

What’s not to like? Year-round comfort, long-lasting performance, low maintenance, and energy savings; that’s what you get with Trinity products.

Standard Features

Key Benefits

Fully Fusion Welded

Our four-point welding process creates one solid, cohesive unit that withstands the harshest winds and structural loads.

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Multi-Chamber Extrusions

Engineered frames with multiple chambers enhance structural performance and significantly improve thermal barriers.

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Superior Sill Design

Truly sloped sill design naturally sheds water away from your home, eliminating any possibility of ice or water backup.

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Superior Sill Design

Recessed tilt latches for easy exterior cleaning and a sleek, contemporary look.

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Lock Hardware

Heavy-duty zinc cam locks offer a modern aesthetic, are pick-resistant, and provide enhanced security.

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Composite Reinforcement

Our C-Core technology has structural performance grades that exceed 200mph winds, 12% more thermally efficient than aluminum.

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Smartshield High-Performance Glass

Energy-efficient dual and triple glaze options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards.

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Completely Weathertight

Double-fin weather stripping at interior & exterior barriers with a closed cell bulb seal at the sill protect against air/water infiltration.

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Constant Force Balance

Stainless steel clock-spring balance system lets you lift a 20 lb. sash with a single finger.

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Exceptionally Strong Screens

Standard extruded aluminum half screen that is 10x stronger than roll form.

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Special Formula Vinyl

Our smooth, virgin vinyl is virtually maintenance free and will maintain its distinctive beauty for decades.

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Foam Filled

Optional high-density polyurethane foam in the frame and sash cavities provide superior energy efficiency


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Key Benefits

  • More comfortable & low maintenance

  • Lower heating & cooling costs

  • Classic beauty & style

  • Long-lasting strength & durability

  • Easy operation & cleaning

  • Lifetime & transferable warranty

Color Options & Finishes

The colors represented are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the actual colors. Please refer to a certified Joyce color swatch ring for an accurate representation.

Interior/Exterior Colors

Interior Woodgrains

Prizm Exterior Acrylic Coating

Additional Window Options

Internal Grid Styles 

Internal Grid Patterns 

Hardware Upgrades 

Specialty Glass Options 

Tempered and laminated glass options available

Tint Options 

Screen Options

Frame Options 

Not all options or finishes are represented. Please consult with our factory or an authorized Joyce dealer for further details.

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