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Elevate your living spaces with the unparalleled style and functionality of Arete Patio Doors. Crafted with precision and passion, Arete seamlessly blends innovative design with exceptional durability, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Whether you seek panoramic views, enhanced energy efficiency, or effortless operation, our doors embody the pinnacle of quality and aesthetics. Experience the perfect union of form and function with Arete Patio Doors, where every detail is crafted to inspire and endure.

Standard Features

Key Features

Vinyl frame and sashes are fully welded to withstand the harshest wind and structural loads. 1 of 11 Sash stiles are reinforced for extra strength and rigidity. 2 of 11 Heavy-duty, double-fin weather stripping at interior and exterior barriers protects against air and water infiltration, creating a tight seal, which heightens energy efficiency. 3 of 11 Concealed tandem zinc-plated steel rollers for rust-free, smooth and effortless operation. 4 of 11 Integrated channel bumper that protects the frame by not allowing the operable sash to slide too far. 5 of 11 Deep pocket integral interlock for extra protection against air infiltration. 6 of 11 Keyed single-point or multi-point color-matched locking handle for enhanced security. 7 of 11 Footlock (standard) for added security. 8 of 11 Insulated & Tempered Smartshield® LoE glass packages for energy efficiency in any climate zone. 9 of 11 Engineered frames feature multiple chambers for structural performance and improved efficient thermal barriers. 10 of 11 Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen is 10x stronger than roll form, and features inset locking handle for increased security. 11 of 11

Key Features

  • Widths and heights fully customizable to fit virtually any opening

  • Available with an optional built-in nail fin for new-construction applications

  • Low operating force to easily open and close the door

  • Tempered glass that’s 4x stronger than regular glass for safety

  • Locking mechanisms encased in galvanized steel reinforcement

  • Euro style interior & exterior handles for modern look

Door Styles

2 panel configuration
2 panel configuration with fixed lites

Color Options & Finishes

The colors represented are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the actual colors. Please refer to a certified Joyce color swatch ring for an accurate representation.

Interior/Exterior Colors

Interior Woodgrains

Prizm Exterior Acrylic Coating

Additional Door Options

Internal Grid Styles 

Internal Grid Patterns 

Hardware Upgrades 

Specialty Glass Options 

Locking Options 

Frame Options

Not all options or finishes are represented. Please consult with our factory or an authorized Joyce dealer for further details.

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