Marketing to Millennials: How to Understand Your Audience

Marketing to Millennials:

How to Understand Your Audience

When it comes to selling windows, sunrooms, and patio doors, dealers can thrive if they know who to talk to, and how. Marketing to millennials might not be as simple as giving them a call, luckily we’re here to help. The average age of a first-time homeowner is now 36 years old. That means the average first-time homeowner has had more time to think about what they really want in a home. They’ve done their research and understand that buying a home is an investment for themselves and future generations to come. They’re not succumbing to the societal pressure of buying a home to fit in, they’re just ready to start this phase of life. Marketing to Millennials: How to Understand Your Audience

Millennials aren’t concerned about the same issues as previous generations, which has created a dip in sales for many businesses. As we evolve, our audience does too. Which is why it’s critical to understand the differences among the generations so you can always keep your business at a steady incline. Here are some tips for marketing to millennials:

1. Be Passionate About Energy Efficiency

Millennials have been raised to live environmentally cautious lives. If you aren’t helping, you’re hurting. Be sure to emphasize the role your products play in decreasing the carbon footprint on earth. Dedication to sustainability is something most home owners can stand by, which means they’ll be more likely to stand by you.

2. Don’t Make a Product Your Main Focus

There’s a clear difference between beseeching and befriending. If your intention is to make a sale, rethink your intention. Sure, you may have bills to pay and a family to support, but that shouldn’t be your driving force behind the connections you make in the industry. Personability can go a long way, and it pays a lot better than seeing people as profit. When you can truly appreciate people for the unique beings they are, you open the opportunity to share an experience that benefits both parties involved. Marketing to millennials is more than a strategy, it’s a lifestyle. Whether that be a heartfelt conversation about a family member, philosophy, sports, or travel, you’re more likely to gain respect for this generation when you take money out of the equation.

3. Mention Aesthetics & Design

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s sleek and modern designs. Be sure to talk about how this design fits into contemporary and modern styled homes. Our visualizer tool can help a home owner really see their vision come to life, have your customers try it here.

4. Practice Ethically

Sustainability and a clear conscience are a powerful combination, especially when making the connection between millennials and new windows. They want to know their products are being ethically sourced so they can have peace of mind when they sleep each night. This goes hand-in-hand with point number 2, make sure your intentions align with your audience.

5. Maintain an Online Presence

Your chances of getting millennial leads by knocking on doors is significantly lower than with any of the previous generations. That means you’re going to have to reach them through other mediums, like social media. Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, it’s become one of the leading converters for businesses of all kinds. Investing in social media marketing can really help take your business to the next level. When it comes to creating content and choosing a platform, that varies by the audience you’re trying to reach.

6. Highlight Durability & Maintenance

This may be normal for all generations, but most people appreciate when a product requires little to no maintenance. Showcasing the ease of use along with the ease of cleaning your product can really help your audience make a mental note of the process in order to form a deeper connection with the product.

7. Provide Educational Pieces

Millennials like to support businesses that go above and beyond to educate their community. Even if the education isn’t directly creating conversions, it certainly helps. Consider writing informational blog posts, holding Q&A sessions, or recording tutorial videos to appeal to this generation who’s first instinct is to search the internet for answers. This all contributes to successful marketing to millennials.

8. Simplify The Purchasing Process

Marketing to millennials

This generation tends to favor convenience in their busy lives. Providing a simple and quick system for the purchasing process can help you secure deals faster than ever. Accepting multiple forms of payment, offering a lender, or simply having an online portal for your consumers to pay online on their own time can have a positive effect on a business.

9. Share Honest Reviews

As previously mentioned, millennials like to do their research. When they decide to make home upgrades, they’ll have no problem cross-comparing as many businesses as possible before making a final decision. This is why testimonials and reviews can be so beneficial. It’s allowing others to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) previous customers have been with your work.

At the end of the day, millennials are humans too. They will appreciate those who truly appreciate them, and that appreciation can actually take your business pretty far.

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